EBIKETRICITY ® CYCLE STATION – THE POWER FOR FREEDOM. A cycle station for electric bicycles (ebikes)

The lack of dedicated ebike charge points means that the opportunities for sales of ebikes are being lost through customers’ concerns that their ebikes will not have the right amount of power to complete their journeys. Therefore, the EBIKETRICITY ® Cycle Station will enable cyclists to securely and safely park their ebikes and charge them – giving customers peace of mind that they can complete their journeys and achieve their goals.

Naturally ebikes are limited by the distance travelled owing to their battery capacity. In addition, certain elements such as the weight of a rider, children on board cargo bikes, low tyre pressure, lack of frequent service intervals and/or wind resistance will decrease the battery’s ability to cover the journey and will therefore require frequent charge top ups. Owing to these issues and the fact that we at EBIKETRICITY ® were being frequently asked by potential ebike customers how long they could expect the battery to last and where they could charge their ebike, we decided to find a solution in order to give individuals the freedom and peace of mind to cycle to work or their way back to health and fitness with the assistance of an ebike.

EBIKETRICITY ® cycle station aims to give employers, local councils, planning and health authorities the option to improve their carbon footprint and setup an EBIKETRICITY ® cycle station at work, in underground car parks and various strategic spots to encourage their residents to rely less on cars by being able to cycle in and out of towns and city centres.

With its smart connectivity and technology, the ebike rider simply swipes the lock key on their smart phone to safely secure the ebike in the eBiketricity ® cycle station and charge when the ebike battery is low. Non smart phone users will still be able to access the service through use of a fob. The service is supported by a location website and may be free of charge at: www.ebikeparknplug.com, finding the nearest EBIKETRICITY ® Cycle Station is only a click away. This website is also a good indicator as to which city, district or council is greener and actively working towards reducing their carbon footprint. Visit: ebikeparknplug.com to find out about proposed locations and their progress.

All these Bosch eBikes needs to be safely & securely charged somewhere!

Locate, improve and share your nearest eBike ParknPlug station using eBikeParknPlug free resources at: ebikeparknplug.com

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Our goal is to reduce the reliance on cars thus having a positive impact on the environment whilst building a user friendly charging network for the use of eBikes.

IPO UK Registered Design Number 6028877
Full Patent No. GB2580593
Design and manufacture in the United Kingdom.

We are great believers in economies of scale and making our product available to every town and city in the UK and further afield. To order yours for just £14999.99* net one off payment, please get in touch via our contact page stating how many you wish to order. *Terms apply